Performing Arts

Performing Arts at Resurrection school is a fun and engaging space where students have opportunities to explore musical instruments, singing, dancing and drama with a hands on, play based approach.

Students are encouraged to participate in end of term Talent Shows to build their confidence on the stage, and to hone their individual skills.

Wellbeing and mindful movement feature in classes where students are able to practise self regulation through music, mindfulness, breathing and movement.

Students listen to music from differing cultures, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to foster respect, appreciation and cultural understanding. 

Students may join the School Choir which has performance and leadership opportunities. Students are invited to join the School Band if they have an established musical background.  

Music Wellbeing groups are run for students with a focus on self regulation, mindfulness and reflection. 

A School Production takes place every second year, to empower students’ creativity, build confidence on stage and entertain our community.