Prep at Resurrection

Prep students at Resurrection School are provided with specifically-designed experiences to help them transition into primary school life.

They attend four 2-hour transition sessions in the year prior. These sessions are in a combination of small group and whole class settings. This gives the students the opportunity to meet their teachers and peers before they commence school. At the start of the school year, students will take part in the Step Into Prep (SIP) program. Students are grouped randomly over a 2 week period. The purpose of the Step Into Prep program is to allow teachers to develop a better understanding of each individual student and for the students to meet all of their Prep peers. Step Into Prep also assists with better class allocation and dynamics. 

The Prep literacy program is centred around the Little Learners Love Literacy program, an evidence-based approach, that focuses on phonics. Students learn the common sounds that each letter makes, they then apply this letter-sound knowledge to their reading and writing. Students work in small reading groups so that teachers can scaffold their decoding and comprehension skills. Students take home decodable books for daily reading which gives them the opportunity to practise and consolidate what they have learnt at school. 

The Prep Maths curriculum focuses heavily on counting and understanding numbers. Students learn Mental Maths Strategies; the repetition helps students to build a strong sense of number.

Maths lessons are designed to provide hands-on experiences in which students explore topics such as: number and algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability. 

Students experience different topics in Inquiry that help them to explore and appreciate the world around them, and develop an awareness of how their actions can impact the environment.